About Davis Elder Law Office, P.C.

In Wyoming, Kelly S. Davis is an experienced voice for the rights and interests of the elderly and their families, including estate, probate, and trust administration clients — be they individuals, couples or families, special needs persons of all ages, older children responsible for a senior relative's care and decision-making or beneficiaries inheriting family assets that may be subject to Medicaid liens.

Regardless of the size of your estate, Mr. Davis crafts legal documents that reflect your exact wishes and anticipate any problem. His recommendations are customized to your specific situation, in ways that maintain the personal dignity of all involved.

Planning Now For Peace Of Mind In The Future

To learn more about how Kelly S. Davis' deep knowledge of these practice areas can work to your advantage, now and years from now — and for a closer look at his extensive background and career accomplishments — please click on the link below:

Your Wyoming family can benefit from attorney Kelly S. Davis' almost 40 years of elder law and estates practice, starting today. Contact Davis Elder Law Office in Cheyenne from wherever you are in the state. Call 307-433-0921 to arrange a free half-hour initial consultation.

When concerns for the long-term care of a family elder mount, formulation or adjustments to estate planning are needed or a problematic probate proceeding requires the assistance of a skilled lawyer, Davis Elder Law Office, P.C. , offers careful guidance that gets results.